The world's smallest flying HD Camera goes on tour!
9 Cities. 1 month.
We’ll be live from some of the most renowned land marks in the world. Join us!

AirSelfie Team Tour

1 MAR - 6 APR

The Team

The Team

The AirSelfie Team is made up of a passionate, blogger, video maker and photographer. These 3 specialists will be putting the AirSelfie through it’s paces across some of the most incredible backdrops in the world. They will look to show how the AirSelfie is changing the way we are able to capture images and video. Over the period of the tour they will be producing exclusive live coverage with photos, videos and interviews. Stay tuned on the official tour hashtags.

Alessandro - Photographer&Videomaker
Corinna - Blogger
Matteo - Photographer&Videomaker


Follow for all the exclusive news and action via the hashtags #AirSelfieTeamTour & #GetanewPerspective


The AirSelfie will be kicking of the its world team tour in one of the powerhouse cities of finance and tech: London.
Join the team while we use the AirSelfie with some of the most historical and world renowned landmarks.
As well as the opportunity to meet and show off the AirSelfie to some of the hottest bloggers in the London and the UK!

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Second stop on the world team tour we will be heading to Berlin. The city that plays by its own rules.
The team will have a chance to catch up and introduce the AirSelfie to the coolest and largest city in Germany.
We’ll be showing the AirSelfie off in all its glory to the brightest and hottest bloggers Berlin has to offer, join us.

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Next stop, Dubai: An oasis in the desert.
The city has many huge and beautiful structures, perfect for the AirSelfie team to show off its abilities.
Join us while we meet with Dubai’s top bloggers and show off the AirSelfie with all it can do.

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Next stop, Singapore: the worlds cleanest city.
Also the world’s only island city-state, lying just one degree north of the equator.
With its abundance of beautiful scenery, architecture and green jungles. The team will get a chance to show how versatile the AirSelfie can be.
We’ll be meeting with bloggers from across the city and beyond.

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Next stop, Jakarta the mega-city of Indonesia.
With one of the busiest ports in the world, the AirSelfie team will have an amazing platform to show the AirSelfie and all its capabilities.
We’ll be meeting with bloggers from right across Indonesia.

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Next stop, Tokyo. The most populous metropolitan area in the world, with more than 37 million people calling it home
Well known for its rich cultural history, the AirSelfie Team will be there to try and capture some of that magic of the old with some of the most tech savvy bloggers on the planet!

Los Angeles

Next up, LA the city of angels and movie stars.
The AirSelfie team will fly into town and role out the red carpet.
We’ll be there to show off all the AirSelfies camera skills for one of the biggest tech creator nations on earth.

New York

The city that never sleeps, the big apple is our next stop on the tour.
With its mass of skyscrapers and some of the most iconic buildings in the world.
This makes for the perfect stage for the AirSelfie to capture some of that magic and wonder.
The AirSelfie team will meet with a host of some of the best bloggers the US has to offer.


The last stop on the tour, the fashion capital of the world: Milan
Where style is just as important as substance.
The team will fly into town to meet bloggers and show them that the AirSelfie has style and substance in abundance!

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