The Idea

The first HD pocket-size Flying Camera

AirSelfie Company

AirSelfie is a technology company that operates in the photography sector and realizes flying cameras that allow and enhance the photography experiences of its users. The company's unique vision has developed a tech & lifestyle brand new market category that never existed before: the one of the pocket sized flying cameras.

The original inspiration came from the real need of smartphone users of having the possibility of taking photos in brand new ways, as they continuously search for novelties and the flying photos are an evolutionary step in shooting. The desire for the flying objects is something innate in the human soul and it’s becoming now an explicit and real need once the consumers could find the portable flying cameras on the market.

These pocket sized devices offer a completely new experience to smartphone users and professional photographers. In tiny dimensions AirSelfie cameras permit to take anywhere and anytime photographs from a completely new perspective without the need of anything else than the smartphone.

Its creation came from the analysis of the consumption habits of the smartphone users. The flying camera makes even more people engaged in these social communications by let them share photos taken in a brand new way and this was something not possible since now with the existing devices.

The expert know-how in AI and software development of AirSelfie is constantly working on the evolution of new pocket devices that could satisfy all the user needs. AirSelfie has signed important partnerships both in terms of product development and App improvement to guarantee the best possible UX and UI. An in depth analysis of cognitive algorithms and their applications in specific activities is already providing unique and important results to extend and widen the actual supply on the market and present brand new branch lines.


AirSelfie’s team of world experts in engineering and design is now working together with the “Enterprises Factory” e-Novia to do an intensive product research and is exploiting the distinctive e-Novia’s skills in Predictive Control, sensing, reasoning, acting and Artificial Perception to realize new functions and features of the AirSelfie cameras and explore new interaction and opportunities in the consumer electronics sector.

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