The Idea

The first HD pocket-size Flying Camera

AirSelfie is an innovative new photo - video -tech concept developed by a group of visionaries and made available to all thanks to AirSelfie Holdings. The idea behind it is as simple as it is brilliant: why should we put up with videos and selfies limited by what our smartphones can do? AirSelfie empowers people to capture and share their most special moments and memories in an incredible and unique way. It had to be simple to use, safe and easy to carry around. So, thanks to an international team of developers and engineers and designers, AirSelfie Group researched and created a flying camera that exceeds all current standards. AirSelfie goes beyond anything on the market, breaking the rules that have dominated the sector so far.

The Venture Team

AirSelfie - the product and its accessories - has been designed by an international team of talent hailing from all over the world. Developers and engineers from Shanghai, Italian designers, experienced corporate leaders all coordinated by the AirSelfie Holdings Group, which through its affiliates, manages development, production and distribution globally.

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