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General FAQ’s

How do I charge the AirSelfie2?

You can either use the delivered USB-C adapter or a power bank to charge the AirSelfie2.

How do I turn the AirSelfie2 on and off?

To turn the AirSelfie2 on or off, press the On/Off switch on the bottom side of the device for a few seconds and wait for a high-pitched beep.

How much storage space does the AirSelfie2 have and how can I enlarge that space?

The AirSelfie2 has an integrated storage space of 16GB which cannot be expanded.

What does the entire delivery of the AirSelfie2 exactly contain?

There are two versions of the AirSelfie2.
The first version contains a leather bag for protection. The second version contains a power bank to charge and protect the device.
Both versions contain a manual and a USB-C charger.

How often can I charge the AirSelfie2 with the power bank?

The AirSelfie power bank has a capacity of 10000 mAh and is able to charge the AirSelfie2 up to 15 times before re-charging it.

Operating FAQ’s

How do I operate the AirSelfie2?

The AirSelfie2 can be operated with the specifically developed App which you can get for free in the AppStore or Google Play Store.

How do I connect the AirSelfie2 with my phone?

The AirSelfie2 can be connected via Wifi with the App. Select the device in your Wifi menu under AIRSELFIE2_XXXXXX. For first time-users, enter the password that is included in your manual and press connect. If successful, switch to the App and chose one of the 3 operational modes to let the AirSelfie2 fly.

Which operational modes does the AirSelfie2 offer?

The AirSelfie2 offers 3 operational modes.
EASY-Single Hand: By pressing each button, you can fly the AirSelfie2 with one hand.
MEDIUM-Single Hand: In this mode, you operate the device by pressing and holding a button and tilting your phone. The rapidity depends on the intensity of the tilting.
EXPERT-Joystick: This mode is designed for experienced pilots because of the need of both hands and the need to operate a typical joystick which will be projected to your phone.


Which resolution does the AirSelfie2’s camera have?

The camera of the AirSelfie 2 has a resolution of 12 MP in its photography mode and takes videos with a Full HD quality (1920x1080p) and 30 pictures per second.

Where does the AirSelfie2 save the videos and pictures?

Videos and pictures are being saved in the device’s internal storage. From here, you can save them in the App, your phone of via USB connection on your computer.

Can I define the camera settings manually?

The AirSelfie2 camera adjusts its exposure time, cover and ISO automatically to the lighting to gain the best pictures possible with the AirSelfie2.

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