AirSelfie Team Tour Stop 5: Jakarta


AirSelfie Team Tour Stop 5: Jakarta

Posted on March 28, 2017

Saturday, March 18 the AirSelfie Team Tour arrives in Jakarta!

First stop National Monument (Monas). Despite the light rain we were able to flying our AirSelfie and shoot some great photos. While we were doing this a group of onlookers joined us and asked us to show them our flying camera, so we took a few more air-selfies with them.

The park around Monas is incredibly large and the vegetation is thick and luscious. We took full advantage of the location and shot some pictures using all that lovely nature as a backdrop.

The next day we took a dip into the Indonesian atmosphere, so the obvious step was “Mini Indonesia”.  A giant park that encompasses all that is considered traditional. When we arrived, we boarded a coloured cable car that goes over the entire park and allows you to have a perfect view from above. With beautiful views of perfect reconstructed temples and houses, along with lakes and parks. We managed to capture a unique and unrepeatable moment thanks to AirSelfie.

Next day, we went around the characteristic Jakarta old town where in the main square you are able to rent bikes to ride around the colourful surroundings. Whilst we were in the main square, we were surrounded by a group of students crazy for AirSelfie. They asked us to take loads of photos and show them how it worked. It’s really nice that the AirSelfie enables us to meet new people.

On our way back to the hotel we couldn’t miss the opportunity to travel the on most traditional transport in Indonesia: the Bajay (also called tuctuc), a sort of mini-blue pickup truck.

Last night in Jakarta, we enjoyed a magnificent sunset from the hotel terrace. This gave us pause for thought …What a wonderful adventure we are having with AirSelfie.

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