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General FAQ’s

How do I charge the AirSelfie2?

Depending on what model you purchased:

Airselfie2 with Leather carrying case – comes with a USB-C cable. Plug the cable in to a USB adapter and charge using a wall outlet, car charger, PC or your own portable battery.

AirSelfie2 with Portable Power-bank - slide the AirSelfie2 into the AirSelfie2 portable power-bank.

How do I turn the AirSelfie2 on and off?

To turn the AirSelfie2 on or off, press the On/Off switch on the bottom side of the device for a few seconds, a blue light will turn on and the unit will beep a few times.

How much storage space does the AirSelfie2 have and how can I enlarge that space?

The AirSelfie2 has an integrated storage space of 16GB which cannot be expanded.

What comes in the AirSelfie2 box?

Airselfie2 with Leather carrying case – comes with a leather carrying case, USB-C cable and user manual.
AirSelfie2 with Portable Power-bank - comes with portable power-bank, USB-C cable and user guide.

How often can I charge the AirSelfie2 with the power bank?

The AirSelfie2 power bank has a capacity of 10000 mAh and is able to charge the AirSelfie2 up to 20 times before re-charging it.

Does the AirSelfie2 have a remote control?

No dedicated remote. You must download the AirSelfie2 app from either Apple App Store or Goggle Play store. Once installed on your phone, you use your phone to control and fly the AirSelfie2.

What can I do, if the AirSelfie2 does not take off?

First check to make sure you can see the image on your phone that the camera should be displaying. If the camera screen is grey, go to settings and calibrate your AirSelfie2. Once calibrated, select your mode for flying the AirSelfie2, holding down the arrow on the right side of the screen, you will see 3 little dots that will count down 3 seconds until take-off. The propellers will turn on and you are really to launch your device. If the propellers do not turn on, please contact customer support.


How do I launch the AirSelfie2?

Put the AirSelfie2 evenly on the palm of your hand and hold the start button.
As soon as the propellers start, gently toss the AirSelfie2 in the air. It will stay in a hoovering mode until you enter a command via the APP. To land the device, hold the landing button and let the AirSelfie2 plane on your hand. As soon as it has landed, the engine will stop automatically.

How long will a fully charged AirSelfie2 fly?

The AirSelfie2 can fly approximately 5 minutes per charging.

Will the AirSelfie2 fly inside and outside?

The AirSelfie2 has been designed to be able to fly inside and outside. In both conditions be aware that any breeze or change in air-flow will impact your ability to fully control the device. Remember the AirSelfie2 weights about 2.8 ounces.

Do I need a flight clearance to fly the AirSelfie2?

Because of its total weight of 2.8 ounces, the AirSelfie2 is not affected by the regulations for drones. Therefore, it can be flown in any public place without a license.

Is the AirSelfie2 waterproof?

No the AirSelfie2 is not waterproof.

Does the AirSelfie2 crash when the battery runs out?

As the battery runs out, you will hear a pre-recorded message, battery is low. It automatically switches into a hovering mode which lets it gently plane on the ground.

How high is the range of the AirSelfie2?

The AirSelfie2 has a range of 65 feet although it is recommended to keep it within 20 feet for best performance.

What happens if the AirSelfie2 flies outside of its range?

If the AirSelfie2 flies outside of its range, it will hover until there is a connection with your phone or until the battery runs out which will make it land.

How can the AirSelfie2 hold its position if I do not issue a command?

Its default mode is to hover utilizing the stabilization software built-in to the AirSelfie2.

Operating FAQ’s

How do I operate the AirSelfie2?

Using either an Apple or Android smartphone, download the AirSelfie2 app. Once downloaded, turn on your AirSelfie2, go your WiFi settings and select your AirSelfie2. Your smartphone will communicate with your AirSelfie2 via WiFi.

How do I connect the AirSelfie2 with my phone?

The AirSelfie2 can be connected via Wifi with the App. Select the device in your Wifi menu under AIRSELFIE2 . The first time you fly your AirSelfie2 you will need to enter its password, 12345678. Your phone should remember the password going forward. Once password is entered press connect. Switch to the AirSelfie2 App, you should see a green check mark indicating that your phone and the AirSelfie2 are connected. Now chose one of the 3 flying modes to control your AirSelfie2.

Which operational modes does the AirSelfie2 offer?

The AirSelfie2 offers 3 flight controls

EASY-Single Hand: By pressing each button, you can fly the AirSelfie2 with one hand.
MEDIUM-Single Hand: In this mode, you operate the device by pressing and holding a button and tilting your phone.
EXPERT-Joystick: This mode is designed for the user that is comfortable using a joystick controller. It is the mode recommended for flying outside.


Which is the camera resolution in the AirSelfie2?

The camera resolution is 12 MP for still photos. In video mode, it captures full HD quality (1920x1080p) at 30 pictures per second.

Where does the AirSelfie2 save the videos and pictures?

Videos and pictures are being saved in the device’s internal 16GB of storage. You can save them to your phone. In the Gallery option in the App, select the phones and download them to your phone. For videos, when you select to review them, you will receive a message asking to transfer them to your phone.

Can I define the camera settings manually?

No all settings are controlled by the internal software on the AirSelfie2.

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