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Android 9.0 phone

If you are experiencing connectivity issues using an Android 9.0 phone, we are aware of this bug and are working diligently to resolve it” Thank you for your patience. If you have any question please do not hesitate to email.

General FAQ’s

What Apple iPhone does the Airselfie2 work with?

AirSelfie2 app supports iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8 and iPhone X
AirSelfie2 is not optimized for use with iPads.

How do I charge the AirSelfie2?

Depending on what model you purchased:

Airselfie2 with Leather carrying case – comes with a USB-C cable. Plug the cable in to a USB adapter and charge using a wall outlet, car charger, PC or your own portable battery.

AirSelfie2 with Portable Power-bank - slide the AirSelfie2 into the AirSelfie2 portable power-bank.

How do I turn the AirSelfie2 on and off?

Press the on/off switch on the bottom side of the device for a few seconds; a blue light will turn on and the unit will beep a few times. After beeping, the device is turned on. For turning off, press the same button for a few seconds, the device will make one beep only and the blue light will switch off.

How much storage space does the AirSelfie2 have and how can I enlarge that space?

AirSelfie2 has 16GB of built in memory. There is not slot for additional memory cards.

What comes in the AirSelfie2 box?

AirSelfie2 with Leather case – comes with a leather carrying case, USB-C cable and user manual.
AirSelfie2 with Powerbank - comes with powerbank, USB-C cable and user manual.

How often can I charge the AirSelfie2 with the power bank?

The AirSelfie2 powerbank has a capacity of 10000 mAh and is able to charge the AirSelfie2 15-20 times before the powerbank needs to be re-charged.

Does the AirSelfie2 have a remote control?

No dedicated remote. AirSelfie2 is controlled by your smartphone. You must download the AirSelfie2 app from either Apple App Store or Google Play. Once installed on your phone, you use your phone to control and fly the AirSelfie2.

What can I do, if the AirSelfie2 does not take off?

First check to make sure AirSelfie2 is connected to the app. You should see a green check mark at the top of your screen, indicating your AirSelfie2 is connected to your phone. You should then be able to choose 1 of the 3 flight modes. Select your flight mode. If when holding the launch button down the propellers do not turn on, please contact customer support at


Are there any pre-flight instructions?

Calibrate before Flight. Fly in open private areas. Check the status of the product before fly. Maintain direct visual contact. Fly below 20 meters.
CAUTION! Do not use the product in adverse weather conditions such as rain, strong winds and snow, or poor visibility conditions, for example, at night. Fly away from high voltage power lines, buildings, airport or any potentially dangerous areas. Do not contact the rotating rotor. The product must be used in accordance with the civil aviation regulations in your country

How do I launch the AirSelfie2?

Select your mode for flying AirSelfie2, and you will enter the control screen. Once the device is ready (“Ready to fly”) put AirSelfie2 evenly on the palm of your hand and push the start button holding down the arrow on the right side of the screen. You will see 3 little dots that will count up 3 seconds until take-off. The propellers will turn on and you are ready to launch your device.
As soon as the propellers start, gently toss AirSelfie2 in the air at a 45-degree angle 1-1,5 meter in front of you. It will stay in a hovering mode until you enter a command via the app. To land the device, hold the landing button and let AirSelfie2 land on your hand. As soon as it has landed, the engine will stop automatically.

How long will a fully charged AirSelfie2 fly?

The AirSelfie2 can fly approximately 5 minutes per charging.

Will the AirSelfie2 fly inside and outside?

The AirSelfie2 has been designed to be able to fly inside and outside. In both conditions, be aware that any breeze or change in air-flow will impact your ability to fully control the device. Remember the AirSelfie2 weights about 2.8 ounces. It should be flown in windless to light breeze conditions.

Do I need a flight clearance to fly the AirSelfie2?

Because of its total weight of 2.8 ounces, AirSelfie2 is not affected by the regulations for drones. Therefore, it can be flown in any public place without a license.

Is the AirSelfie2 waterproof?

No the AirSelfie2 is not waterproof.

Does the AirSelfie2 crash when the battery runs out?

As the battery runs out, you will hear a pre-recorded message, “battery is low”. The device will automatically switch into a hovering mode and gently self-land on the ground.

How high is the range of the AirSelfie2?

AirSelfie2 has a range of 65 feet, although it is recommended to keep it within 30 feet for best performance.

What happens if the AirSelfie2 flies outside of its range?

If AirSelfie2 flies outside of its range, it will self-land automatically and there will be a “RC signal weak” message in the app. You can then use the Find my AirSelfie-feature to relocate the device

How can the AirSelfie2 hold its position if I do not issue a command?

Its default mode is to hover utilizing the stabilization software built into AirSelfie2.

What should I do if my AirSelfie2 does not fly stable?

Note that the AirSelfie2 will always be affected by the wind; before you are comfortable flying it, make sure you fly in windless conditions. If the AirSelfie2 does not hover or tends to drift in one direction when it is in the air you need to calibrate the device. Please calibrate in the Settings menu of the app and follow the instructions accordingly.

What is the “Find my AirSelfie” -feature?

This helps you locate the AirSelfie2 if it has flown out of sight or should land in high grass, a shrub or behind furniture in your house. To active the feature you select the blue button in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Once selected, a window pops up notifying you that once you active the function you will need to exit the app and restart the AirSelfie2 to fly it again.

What is the CaptureMe-function?

CaptureMe is a feature to help you keep the AirSelfie2 focused on the face in the center of your photo. Making it easy to capture the perfect selfie.
Once you have launched your AirSelfie2 and it is flying, you activate CaptureMe by pressing the icon just to the left of the launch / land button. The icon is a blue face. While pressing the CaptureMe icon, a box will appear on the face closest to the center of the screen. The Airselfie2 will lock in on this face and follow it up/down and left/right.

Operating FAQ’s

How do I operate the AirSelfie2?

Using either an IOS or Android smartphone, download the AirSelfie2 app. Once downloaded, turn on your AirSelfie2, go your WiFi settings and select your AirSelfie2. Your smartphone will communicate with your AirSelfie2 via WiFi.

How do I connect the AirSelfie2 with my phone?

The AirSelfie2 can be connected via WiFi with the App. Select the device in your WiFi menu under AirSelfie. The first time you fly your AirSelfie2 you will need to enter its password, 12345678. Your phone will remember the password going forward. Once password is entered press connect. Switch to the AirSelfie2 app, and you should see a green check mark indicating that your phone and AirSelfie2 are connected. Now chose one of the 3 flying modes to control your AirSelfie2.

How many operational modes does AirSelfie2 offer?

AirSelfie2 offers 3 flight controls:
EASY-Single Hand: By pressing each button, you can fly AirSelfie2 with one hand.
MEDIUM-Single Hand: In this mode, you operate the device by pressing and holding a button and tilting your phone.
EXPERT-Joystick: This mode is designed for the user that is comfortable using a joystick controller. It is the mode recommended for flying outside.


What is the camera resolution in AirSelfie2?

The camera resolution is 12 MP for still photos. In video mode, it captures full HD quality (1920x1080p) at 30 pictures per second.

Where does AirSelfie2 save the videos and pictures?

Videos and pictures are being saved in the device’s internal 16GB of memory. You can save them to your phone (both in the app as well as in your phone gallery, by selecting the image /file and push the download symbol. acThe initial image is a thumbnail file. Once downloaded from the AirSelfie2 you can view the full resolution file.

Can I define the camera settings manually?

No, all settings are controlled by the internal software on AirSelfie2. However, you can select under setting, selecting “picture” you have the option of Multiple shot mode or delay mode;
Multiple shot mode – will have the AirSelfie2 capture 3 or 5 shots at a time
Delay mode – will have the AirSelfie2 delay activating the camera for 3 seconds, 5 seconds or 10 seconds.

Manuals and Tutorial

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